EzeCalc – Mobile


EzeCalc – Mobile.

Access the popular EzeCalc software on a mobile device.

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Launched September 2021 the new mobile version of EzeCalc.

Access from any device that connects to the internet. Ideally suited to a mobile phone but works equally well on a desktop browser.

Limited promotion price of $75 for 12 months access.

  • Created and specifically designed for the New Zealand market.
  • Exclusive to Skillsure Academy.
  • Really fast to use and accurate. Takes less than 2 minutes to calculate a room load.
  • Based on methods used for generations to correctly estimate cooling and heating loads for domestic and residential premises.
  • Outdoor temperatures pre loaded from NIWA data for the whole of New Zealand.
  • Open and save projects. Stored on line in a secure database. No local storage so access your projects from any device with an internet connection.
  • Share project access through your company with one login. Projects are then visible to all users and can be shared.
  • Or select individual access where each user has their own purchased login.
  • Print or email the selection.
  • Many useful support tools built in.
  • Commissioning tools built in for airflow measurements in ducts and return grilles.
  • Capacity calculators from air measured.
  • Cost to run estimators tools for heat pump versus electric element type heaters.
  • Room airflow minimum / maximum guidelines. This helps ensure the correct sized unit is placed in one room.
  • Total and Sensible loads are provided.
  • Heat from people and machinery can be added.
  • Fresh air calculation to meet the G4 building code requirements for domestic premises.
  • Fresh air change can also be calculated for other applications








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