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Best practice installation of air conditioning and heat pump systems.


Sizing and selection of air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Ducted Systems

Sizing and selection of Ducted type air conditioning systems. How to avoid the most common problems with design. How to correctly size and select duct work for domestic heat pump installations.

Customised Training

If you have apprentices or a team of installers that need some content customised to suit your business, we can help.


Techniques to identify a fault with the refrigeration circuit. How to test common components found in modern heat pumps. Fault find problems using electrical wiring diagrams.

Refrigerant Fillers License

People filling containers with gases under pressure, including cylinders, aerosols, and non-refillable containers must be trained and hold an approved filler compliance certificate. An approved filler compliance certificate must be issued by a compliance certifier. Skillsure Academy can provide this training. See our courses for more details.

What we offer

Skillsure provides specialist training for the HVAC industry. This can be used to support apprentices in their learning or to increase skills in new areas. 

Industry Standard Training

Each Skillsure course has been created to meet industry standards. Content is constantly updated to meet the ever changing HVAC industry.

One on one guidance

We understand people have their own unique learning styles and some require more help along the way than others. As part of the learning process your tutor will work with you to try and ensure you understand each part of the course.

Industry Recognised Certifications

After successful completion of a Skillsure Academy course you will receive a certificate. This can be used to prove you have attended and been successful in the course.

"We teach everything you need, for the job you're actually doing"

"For nearly 40 years I've been doing installation | service, design and for the last 15 years I have been training in the HVAC industry. Having worked for some of the best known manufacturers in the world, I look forward to passing on some of that knowledge to you or your team"
Jason Roberts
Skillsure Academy Lead Instructor & Founder



The Trust for the Destruction of Synthetic Refrigerants (Recovery) invites you to come together with your RHVAC colleagues and peers.