Heat Pump Installation Best Practice

This three day course will provide a certification and training in best practice installation techniques for split system heat pumps.

The course contains theory and practical work.


To provide the delegate with the basics of air conditioning & heat pump split system installation. Its content is based around best practice guidelines and is part theory and part practical. You will learn safe practices and the best techniques for a successful installation of a split system. It is highly recommended that the delegate is either a refrigeration engineer wishing to start to install heat pumps or a practicing electrician with the same requirement.


  • Understand how to install a split system heat pump.
  • Work safely and understand the risks with refrigerant gas.
  • Understand the reason for using certain specialist tools. How they work and why they have to be used.
  • Grow your business by offering the installation of a split system heat pump.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that can cause premature failure of the equipment.
  • Learn techniques to improve unit selection for installation.
  • Plus much more….


Installation (a selection of some of the content included)

  • Equipment selection. 
  • Correct positioning of indoor and outdoor units. 
  • Understanding noise issues and mitigation techniques.
  • Correct mounting of the outdoor unit.
  • Anti Vibration.
  • Use of brackets and possible problems to avoid.
  • Correct mounting of the indoor unit.
  • Pipe work handling techniques. Handling issues. How to prevent common problems.
  • Condensate management.
  • Flaring of copper pipe to joints.
  • Correct use of Oxy-Free nitrogen.
  • Pressure Testing. 
  • Leak Testing
  • Dehydration and use of the vacuum pump and vacuum gauge.
  • Electrical Isolators.
  • Breaking the vacuum ready for use.
  • Operational testing.
  • Client Handover


  • Unit sizing. Avoid common problems.
  • Healthy homes standards. The legislation.
  • Meeting clients expectations.
  • Planning the install 
  • Interface to fresh air 

Commissioning / Client Handover 

  • Remote control operation and position.
  • Maintenance requirements.
  • Defrost explained