Service Training

We recommend that all attendees have a foundation knowledge in refrigeration / air conditioning technology and would understand the terminology we use during training. As this course contains some electrical testing we also recommend that attendees are competent and safe working around electrical appliances.

We provide course materials but you will need to bring your electrical test meters to the training session. We will also provide access to technical support information to aid in fault finding. This course uses equipment from the Fujitsu General brand.

Course Objective

  • To provide training in Inverter products.
  • How they work.
  • How to diagnose problems.
  • How to test operation.
  • Component Identification.


  • Understand how to troubleshoot modern heat pump units. Testing based on Fujitsu products.
  • Avoid the most common diagnostic errors.
  • Speed up your diagnostic time on site.
  • Increase your confidence when checking a heat pump.


  • Common Control Functions – Inverter.
  • Defrost function – Overview.
  • Error codes & what they mean.
  • Electrical testing of fan motors.
  • Electrical testing of electronic expansion valves (EEV).

Diagnostic Information

  • Holistic approach to aid quick diagnostics.
  • Operational characteristics of Inverters.
  • Basic check procedure.
  • Fault reference charts.
  • Tools required.
  • Voltage measurements to aid diagnostics.

Practical Demonstration

  • Engineers practical session with test rigs and demo pcb’s.
  • Testing fan motors.
  • Testing EEV’s
  • Checking communication signals.

Important Notes

All delegates attending this training must bring their electrical test meters.