Heat Pump Design & Selection

Designed for any Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Installer who would like to know more about the design and selection of a heat pump. 

We provide all the course materials including FREE 12 Month access to a Windows® software program to assist the selection of a heat pump air conditioner.


  • If you are selecting / designing for installation of heat pump air conditioners this course is for you.
  • The course aims to provide you with all the fundamentals of design and selection of heat pump systems applied to the home environment.
  • Avoid costly mistakes during design stage that get applied during installation.
  • Learn how to select and size the correct size of air conditioner for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Understand the features and their benefits. Plus, where some features described may not offer the benefit perceived by the end user.
  • Avoid common problems caused by the end user following installation.


  • Learn about Government schemes and your obligations when working within them.
  • Energy labels – Old & New and what the differences are.
  • Understand how to design and select the most appropriate heat pump for the end user.
  • Avoid the most common selection problems.
  • Improve the end result by understanding more about common design and selection issues.


  • Inverter Technology / Heat Pump Technology.
  • MEPS / Government Schemes
  • Healthy Homes Standards Explained.
  • Insulation
  • Heat Migration / Transfer
  • COP / EER / ACOP / AEER Explained.
  • SEER Labels Explained
  • Effects of ambient temperature of performance. H1 | H2 | H3 explained.
  • G4 Building code regarding ventilation explained.
  • Equipment selection by capacity
  • Types of heat load. Sensible & Latent load.
  • Solar gain explained.
  • Noise explained.
  • Correct / Incorrect Positioning of indoor / outdoor units.
  • End user incorporated within the design process and what they need to be advised of.
  • Location of Indoor / Outdoor Unit – Items to consider (Noise etc) 
  • Temperature control
  • Examples of incorrect installation 


  • Install Procedures 
  • Planning the install 
  • Install parts used.
  • Anti-Vibration 
  • How the install can affect unit’s operation & performance 
  • Condensate Pumps.
  • Remote control operation and position 
  • Interface to fresh air 

Commissioning / Client Handover 

  • Control operation 
  • Explanation of fan speed control in relation to capacity and noise
  • Service & Maintenance